“ANOTHER DAY” – Lent, Day 9



It is the peaceful time of day.
The busy toddler is sleeping.
Our activities during the day have ended.
The home is quiet and relaxed.
This is the time to sit and think,
to meditate on the day that has been–
and tomorrow, the day that will be.

In our life it becomes easy to live from day to day,
exhausted, worn down, wishing for the sleep at night.
Children change everything,
bringing happiness and tiredness.
Blessings, exhausting blessing.
Quickly we can forget to thank God for the day,
for all the precious moments that have passed by.

Work, children, school, careers, relationships…
we can be eclipsed and overwhelmed by all these.
Taking this quiet time to listen and rest and remember
is truly living life, is enjoying the day.
Let us sit in the peace, let us talk and laugh,
let us cry and hope for a better day,
let us celebrate the good days.

Let us live our lives to the fullest we can.

DAILY PRAYER:  LORD, thank you for the good days and the bad days.  Help me to remember and be grateful for each day that passes.  Help me to live in the moment, yet slow me down to meditate and consider my blessings. AMEN.

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