“WORK PLACES” — Lent, Day 4&5


Our workplace can be formidable and provide difficult trials for us at times.
Most of us probably have jobs to make a living in the world.  Our jobs are all different and challenging in their own unique ways.

For myself, working in healthcare, perhaps one of the greatest difficulties is learning to how to communicate with co-workers but not become caught up in the gossip and judgement.

In a work place that is dominated with females, it is extremely easy to fall into the habit of disseminating each other in brutal detail, when we should be seeking to encourage and lift each other up.  But working day in and day out at the same job can be hard on our spirits and as such–our behaviour.

Being on maternity leave from 2015-2016 opened my eyes up to the reality of how I treated others that I worked with and how I needed to change to reflect my beliefs.

This is the reality that we are all faced with:  work can be exhausting and can wear down our spirits and our hearts.  Perhaps it is a sign to consider moving into another job or career.  Perhaps it is a check point, a warning flag that we need to re-evaluate how we behave.

As I consider my future and whatever may lay ahead, I want to know that I was a positive influence on those I worked with, that I did my job to the best of my capabilities.


Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the LORD and not for people.


Whatever your life’s work is, do it well.
Martin Luther King, JR

DAILY PRAYER:  LORD, give me strength to be a rock when work may seem like a storm about me.  Help me shine as a light through each long day; give me patience even when I feel worn thin and unappreciated.  Amen.

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